RATES: $69

Sit down, relax and let the bicycle do all the work.  You can choose between pedal power and electric throttle power.  We have small bikes for children and child carrier accessories for the little ones to hitch a ride with Mom or Dad.  Our electric tandem bike is a fun bicycle built for two that allows younger children to actively participate in the adventure and the fun.

60-Minute E-bike tour

RATES: $29

This Savannah E-Bike tour is perfect, if want a quick Electric Bicycle experience? You get a short ride without taking a full-length narrated tour?  

We are there for safety and to guide you through the streets. Let us guide you through a teasing sample of the fun of riding Segway.

Gratuity is not included in ticket price. Tipping your Tour Guide is customary if you enjoy your tour, but it is not mandatory.



RATES: $75

Located near Historic District Savannah, this beautiful masterpiece of a cemetery is the resting place of many famous people and stunning architectural eras.   As you take your Savannah E-Bike tour through the fabulous live oaks draped in Spanish Moss; listen close...you might hear Johnny Mercer’s “Moon River” traveling through the breeze.  

90-MINUTE e-bike TOUR

RATES: $49

E-Bikes are environmentally friendly.  Go green in Savannah with an E-Bike tour that's full of battery powered fun.  Adventure Tours in Motion provides a green adventure for the whole family, including the family dog. E-bikes are perfect for touring the streets and squares of Savannah.

RATES: $75

Tybee Island is located just 25 minutes from historic downtown Savannah. A 60-minute Savannah E-Bike tour is an innovative way to get around the north beach area. This is the perfect tour for those who want to ride without having the traffic of downtown.


RATES: $49

Come join us on an  ride E-Bike through America’s  haunted city.  Ghosts of the past are very much a part of our daily present in Savannah and you never know when you might catch  glimpse of a soldier from wars past or a woman in fashion of yesteryear.  Woo-haha!  **cue the organ music**


Tybee Island e-bike tour

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