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What are the age requirements to ride a Segway? 

The city of Savannah requires that children must be 16-years old to ride a Segway in the Historic District. 

What are the height/weight requirements to ride a Segway? 

Children must be at least 5" tall and 100 pounds, to meet the minimum requirements for Segway. 

What is the maximum weight requirements for Segway? 

The maximum weight to ride a Segway is 250 pounds.

What is the difference between the 60-minute and 90-minute Historic Tour? 

Both tours are throughout the Historic District, the 90-minutes allows more riding time and covers a few more squares. 

Do we ride on the beach at Tybee Island? 

We do not ride on the beach during our 60-minute Tybee Island Tour. This tour is on the streets of the North End of Tybee Island, those streets around the lighthouse. This is the perfect tour for those who just want to ride and not worry about traffic. 

What options do you offer for children who meet the height/age requirements, but are under the age of 16? 

Our Tybee Island and Boneventure Tours are perfect for families with children who are at least 100 pounds and 5 feet tall. These tours offer more riding and are safer for younger riders, because we do not have the traffic like in the Historic District.