Segway Experience

Length:  30 minutes Segway tours by Savannah Segway

Price:  $29 per Segway; $24 per Single Electric Bicycle; $49 per Tandem Electric Bicycle (1 tandem only)  

Value for memories:  Priceless!

TRAINING starts 15 minutes prior to tour time.*          

Gratuity is not included in ticket price. Tipping is customary if you enjoy your tour, but it is not mandatory.


This Savannah Segway tour is great if just want to get a quick experience on a Segway or Electic Bike? Do you just want a short ride without taking a full-length narrated tour?  Do you want a Savannah Segway tour or do you want just a taste of the experience to say “I did it”? I've ridden a Segway! Our Savannah Segway tour offers a short 30-minute Segway ride in Historic Savannah it's the just the thing for you! Not a guided historic Savannah Segway tour but a Savannah Segway tour experience. We are there for safety and to guide you though the streets. Let us guide you through a teasing sample of the fun of riding Segways and E-bikes. With this Savannah Segway tour we will train you on the Segway or E- bike and you will be off on the experience of a life time. You don't have to wonder what its like anymore. This Savannah Segway tour experience is just enough to get you wanting to come back for more. Come and Segway or E-bike with us today. It's fun and sure to put a smile on your face. Don't want to pick a Savannah Segway tour then pick a Savannah Segway Experience. All our Savannah Segway tours have something amazing to offer but sometimes you just want an experience.

*Company reserves the right to adjust training time if a busy schedule warrants a delay.